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Get Refrigerator Repair Services at Reasonable Rates

There can be times when your refrigerator stops cooling or stops working completely due to some malfunction. Call Tiksha Enterprises +91 9868271006 and we will be send our expert technician, who will find and fix all problems swiftly.

Appliances are there for making life convenient and easier for everybody. When one appliance like fridge stops working, only then we feel how much we actually depend on it. In case your dishwasher is not working properly, you can wash all the plates using hand for a few days, you can even take your clothes to a laundry if your washing machine stops working. However, in case your refrigerator suddenly breaks down, then there is absolutely no option but to have it repaired immediately without delay. Tiksha enterprises understands this and is ready to offer quick repair services once you call and register your problem with us.

To repair your fridge immediately you can contact tiksha enterprises by calling our number: +91 9868271006

All our technicians are experienced in refrigerator repair and they can also work on all big and commercial models, of various brands. So, whenever you need refrigerator repair and services, look no further than Tiksha Enterprises.

Do you Require a New Refrigerator?

Your fridge might not be working optimally due to a compressor issue or a coolant leak, our expert technicians will identify the issues that it has and resolve it in no time. It is suggested to have your refrigerator repaired only by qualified and experienced technicians. If your fridge is in warranty then we recommend you to call company customer care and schedule free repair from the company itself. Refrigerator repairs with compatible parts can easily make an appliance work like a new one and also helps it in functioning for several years. So, you might not require a new fridge but refrigerator repair services only.

Types of Refrigerators that we Repair:

As mentioned above, our technicians are skilled enough in handling repairs on a wide range of refrigerators and we make sure that your refrigerator works smoothly once again.

We work on an array of refrigerators including:

  • Single door refrigerators

  • Double door 

  • Triple door 

  • French door 

  • Bottom and top-freezer refrigerators

  • Compact 

  • Side-by-side fridge

  • Built-in or counter depth

  • commercial 

Why does Fridge gets malfunctioned ?

  • Sometimes there is blockage in gas system or the gas starts leaking.

  • The Voltage fluctuation can cause shorts or other problems in the main board of the fridge.

  • Some faults can occur in fridge insulation system.

  • Thermostatic failure.

  • Compressor malfunction or failure.

  • Electronic failure.

  • Faulty fridge door sealing that allows air inside.

  • Sometimes Chip level problems can arise in the mainboard.

When do you Need Professional Service?

There are some moments when it becomes important to hire a professional who can deliver top-notch refrigerator repair and services. But how can you know that the right time has come to call an expert? Well, when you notice any of these below-mentioned issues in your refrigerator, call us immediately:

  • The temperature of your fridge is not cold enough.

  • Fridge leaks water.

  • Gas Refilling

  • If noise is coming from compressor.

  • Fridge is not at all dispensing ice or water.

  • Fridge gets warm.

  • Refrigerator usage increases your energy bill

  • When the fridge is making loud or strange noises.

  • Ice maker stops working.

  • If fridge needs bulb replacement.

  • If you want user replacement spare parts then you can buy from our website.


Why should you trust Tiksha Enterprises with Your Fridge Repair and Services?

We deal with all electrical appliances like fridge, washing machine, induction etc. We have been repairing and servicing electronics in delhi since a long time. We have electricians who are experts in repairing any kind of fault in ryour fridge, be it big problems like compressor related or smaller electronics issue to issues. In case your refrigerator is down due to any reasons then call us and we will send our qualified technician to repair your fridge as soon as possible.

We provide timelty services: As soon as you call us with your complaint, we will send our technician to your place who will check for the fault, quote you the repair price and start the work.

We provide professional services: We will send a professional technician to repair your fridge.

We provide competitive prices: Tiksha Enterprises will not charge you higher for the repair, rather you will get affordable prices as per your quote.

Call us  today and get your refrigerator repaired.

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