Privacy Policy

Tiksha Enterprises Privacy Policy

Before going to make a purchase it's important to go through the privacy policy. The privacy policy is a form of electronic contract displaying all the important documents. It helps in avoiding any controversies in the future. This privacy policy won't require any form of signature and it comes up as the legal document, which features both our company and the enterprise buying the stuff from our store.

This document would be stored with prior permission from the Information technology department and they would take care of all the technical aspects. Before you enter our site, you must agree to the privacy policy ensuring that you would follow the terms and conditions mentioned. It controls the relationship between both parties and thus it helps in handling the business in the right way.

Once you agree to the privacy policy you are giving us the consent for collection and storage of personal and private details. By providing us with the information you get access to our site and it helps you to get familiar with our products and services. If you do not agree to our privacy policy, we request you to stay away from entering our site. We ensure that we won't misuse your data and there won't be any unqualified access.

We request you to read the privacy policy carefully to avoid any confusions. If you feel confident you can agree and we would give you full access to our site.

Provide Necessary Details

We require certain personal and private information from our users to provide access to our site. If you are a B2B user you need to provide the personal and company details and thus you can use our site freely. We never ask for any financial data and you should stay away from the fraudulent activities. You need to provide an email address, age, sex, profession and certain other details to enter our site. Make sure that you are providing all the correct details. If we find that you have used any wrong information or if you have stolen any data from other users, we have full right to take legal action.

We may use personal data to improve our site's performance and also we sometimes use the data to carry out a survey. We give you the full guarantee that no third party would be allowed to use the data and all the information would be safe with us.

We follow the Right to Information Act 2005 and any information, which is available on public domains are considered sensitive.

Use of Cookies

Our website uses cookies and you need to agree to the cookies to get further access. We use cookies or other electronic tools to collect users' information. It assigns a unique visitor id to each visitor and it helps us to understand the interests of the users. Accordingly, we can make the necessary changes to our site that helps users to get a better experience. We use the computer to track users' interest and until you show yourself, we won't be able to identify you. Cookie stores only the information our B2B customer provides and thus it's completely safe to agree to the cookies.

Sometimes, our advertisers allocate cookies to users' browsers and if you don't want them you can simply ignore. A cookie can never encrypt any data and we ensure that it's safe to use our cookies. So, you can enter our website easily and you can get access to the products and services we offer. We use the cookies to improve users' experience and all your information would be stored to establish a contact in the future.

Getting Links to Other Sites

We take care of the privacy practices of our site. Any link to other site is beyond our control and we won't be liable to any loss or damage. The user would be solely responsible for any loss and we won't ask you to enter any other site.

Asking for Confidential information

We may ask for confidential information if we need to identify and person. We mat approach the court to seek permission and we would follow the legal terms. It helps in identifying cyber threats, prevention and detection of unruly activities. If we find anything happening against our terms, we may take legal action to prevent any further issues.

For the B2B customers, we may speak to the group of officers, managers to get confidential information. We come up with the security measures and all your information would be safely stored.

Lodging Complaint

Under any circumstances, if you find any unauthorized access to your data, you can approach us and we would take care of the issue. We come up with the grievance redressal section where you can complain about the issue you have faced. We would inform it to the Grievance Officer who would handle the issue. We commit that if there is any unauthorized access, we would take legal action against the person or group and we would compensate for your loss. So, you can stay safe with us and you can visit our site to get familiar with the details.