Washing Machine Repair and Services in Delhi

If you are looking for washing machine repair and services in delhi, then Tiksha Enterprises is here to services all your needs.

Washing machine is a life saver when it comes to washing the dirty cloths. There is no replacement to it to wash dirtly cloths. But the problem comes when suddenly the machine stops working and you are left with huge pile of dirty cloths. However, these machines also get break down or get damaged due to water or other electrical problems. So in case your washing machine stops spinning or does not start, incase if its in warranty then you can call the company customer care itself, else you can call/ contact tiksha enterprises and we will send a qualified technician to your place on the same day and get your machine repaired.

Tiksha Enterprises will make sure that your washing machine is repaired and back to working normal condition.  We provide efficient and fast washing machine repair and services in delhi and our technicians are well equipped to identify and repair any issue. For the annual servicing of you machine, you can contact us.


Our technician team is updated with latest technologies, tools and new models that are available in the market. So, we can easily handle a wide range of washing machines with efficacy. You’ll be glad to know that we are trusted by different repair dealers and have the skill to repair different types of machines of major brands. We have got spare parts for all types of washing machines. If some part of your machine is damaged then we will provide you with quote with the best prices in the market. 

We at Tiksha Enterprises encounter multiple issues with washing machines regularly. Some can be fixed easily while others might need a additional time to recognize and fix them. In case you face any issue with your washing machine, then you need to get in touch with Tiksha Enterprises so that your machine can easily go back to its working condition and prevent further damages at the same time.

Types of Washing Machines that we Repair and service:

Here we, Tiksha Enterprises repair and service a comprehensive range of washing machines irrespective of models and sizes.

  • Front loading

  • Top loading

  • Fully automatic

  • Semi automatic

  • Commercial & industrial washing machines


Here are a few common washing machine issues that we fix:

  • Washing machine shaking or vibrating while running

  • The machine doesn’t turn on

  • Leaking water from the washer

  • Water Not draining properly

  • A washer doesn’t complete the cycle

  • Washer is not agitating

  • Washing machine making noise while operation

  • The machine is overflowing or not filling properly with water

  • The machine is not accepting inlet water

  • Motor spinning issues

  • Electrical problems

  • Any problems related to internal circuit

If your machine is showing any of the problems listed above, you can call and book us and we will repair your washing machine as soon as possible.

Why you should call Tiksha Enterprises for washing machine repair and services in delhi -

  • Quality Service: We at Tiksha Enterprises make sure that we always offer reliable, fast, and top-notch services to ensure optimum satisfaction for all our clients.

  • Qualified and Professional Technicians: We understand that to get the job done right, it is essential to hire the right team. Hence, we hire experienced technicians only. They are not just experts but courteous and professional as well in what they do. They are well versed in repiring washing machine

  • Affordable services: We dont charge high for our services. We provide competitive prices for all the services we render.

  • We provide services in timely manner, and try to repair the machine on the same day itself.

Get in Touch with Tiksha Enterprises: 

Call us at +91 9868271006 and get top-class washing machine repair and services in delhi.

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